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Soya Soup Blend (Instant Dry Soup) (8 oz.)

Soya Soup Blend (Instant Dry Soup) (8 oz.)


If you love the taste of soy, you’ll love the Soya Soup Blend from HS Creations. This blend is a perfect combination of peas, scallion, soy, chicken bouillon, ginger, black pepper, and garlic, that will give you a satisfying and nourishing soup in minutes. Just add water and heat, or mix with milk for a creamier texture. You can also use this blend to enhance the flavor of your other dishes, such as stir-fries, casseroles, salads, or sandwiches.

With Soya Soup Blend, you can enjoy a warm and comforting soup anytime, or spice up your meals with a touch of soy.

Try Soya Soup Blend today and discover the difference that HS Creations can make in your cooking and eating experience.

We recommend starting with 1 TBSP of HS Creations Soya Soup Blend per pint of sauce or pound of meat, poultry, or fish and adjusting to taste as needed.

HS Creations creates unique, handcrafted, organic, healthy blends using only the best ingredients. Our goal is to create an elevated, gourmet food experience for your everyday meals.

  • Ingredients

    Peas, Scallion, Soy, Chicken Bouillon, Ginger, Black Pepper, & Garlic

  • Taste

    Asian inspired. You can definitely taste the soy. Sweet and tangy!

  • Suggested Pairings

    Poultry, Soups, & Rice.

  • Flavor Notes

    Pungent, Earthy, Sweet, Peppery, Salty, Spicy, & Zesty.

  • Soup Directions

    Combine 4 TBSP of HS Creations Soya Soup Blend and 4 cups of water.
    Bring to a boil, then let simmer for about 20 minutes.
    Add noodles, gyoza, and/or more vegetables.

    Note: If adding pasta, we suggest adding it cooked, at the end of the process to avoid absorption.

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