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Rustic Kitchen

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Handcrafted, Organic, Healthy, Fresh Blends

About Our Blends

We are thrilled to offer you our delicious blends that are crafted with pure organic ingredients, making them healthy and all-natural. What's more, we don't add any hidden additives, so you can be sure that what you see is what you get. Our blends are a lifesaver for those who are short on space, time, and money, and we offer a variety of flavors to cater to every taste bud.

We understand that not everyone is a chef, and that's why we've made it easy for anyone to enjoy gourmet flavors. We even use our blends on our everyday meals, including frozen ones, to add a touch of sophistication and flavor. We believe that gourmet flavor can brighten up anyone's day and should be enjoyed by everyone!


Our blends are handcrafted and mixed on demand, ensuring that each batch is precisely measured to maintain consistency in the seasonings. We take immense pride in using only the best ingredients for your daily meals. We hope you enjoyed learning about our blends and can't wait for you to try them out!

Bon Appetite!

-Joanne Sakulich, The Organic Chemist

Rustic Kitchen
  • 2nd Annual Fabulous Fierce
    2nd Annual Fabulous Fierce