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What you may want to know

Why HS Creations?
What does “HS” stand for?
Herbs and Spices. Herb and Spice Creations. We love to see what our customers create with our Blends!

What is HS Creations?
We create handcrafted organic herb and spice blends for everyday cooking. What you see is what you get. No preservatives, no chemistry degree to understand what is inside our Blends.
We sincerely believe that you don’t have to sacrifice taste even if it’s just an ordinary meal.

How should I store my Blends?
A cool, dry, dark place. Anyplace away from a heated source, like the oven.

The price(s) seem to be high.
No!!! Absolutely just the opposite! You are saving money vs. buying the ingredients in our Blends.
Buying multiple expensive spices and herbs at stores (that maybe you use once) that just sit in your pantry, you forget about and that just goes to waste.

The sizes of the Blends seem small.
On the contrary. Due to it being fresh, organic the Blends go a long way! Also, we save you kitchen space! Wouldn’t you want a Blend or two that you can finally clean up your cupboard once and for all?

Why so many Blends?
We wanted to offer something for everyone. We all don’t have the same tastes. We all don’t make the same meals with a certain Blend. We wanted to give options. We like options!

Why HS Creations versus other brands?
We are organic. We are fresh. We stand by those words!

When I open my Blend, it's in a solid form. Is it good? What do I do?
First of all, YES its good! It just means some oxygen got in. Some of our ingredients have residual moisture from the dehydration process, which beaks down over time, leaving extra oxygen behind. This does not affect flavor or freshness at all! All you have to do is take a fork or a spoon and break it down.
You will be amazed how the aromas come alive!

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