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Sweet Spice Blend (Indian) (4 oz.)

Sweet Spice Blend (Indian) (4 oz.)


If you love Indian cuisine, you know how important spices are to create the rich and complex flavors of the dishes. But buying and storing dozens of different spices can be expensive and cumbersome. That's why HS Creations has created the Sweet Spice Blend (Indian), a convenient and versatile mix of six essential spices that will transform your chicken and vegetables into a delicious and aromatic meal.


The Sweet Spice Blend (Indian) contains cumin, dry mustard, coriander, kosher salt, turmeric, and garlic, all organic and freshly ground. These spices are carefully balanced to give you a sweet, full-bodied flavor that is not too spicy or overpowering. You can use this blend to marinate your chicken, roast your vegetables, or add some zest to your rice or lentils. Just a sprinkle of this blend will make your dishes taste like they came from a restaurant.


Try our Sweet Spice Blend (Indian) today and discover the difference that fresh spices can make in your cooking.


A pantry staple that you'll love to have on hand.


HS Creations creates unique, handcrafted, organic, healthy blends using only the best ingredients. Our

  • Ingredients

    Cumin, Dry Mustard, Coriander, Kosher Salt, Turmeric, & Garlic

  • Taste

    Our Blend works as a delicate, mild rub for something a little different!

  • Suggested Pairings

    Poultry; Seafood; Vegetables

  • Flavor Notes

    Spicy, Earthy, Pungent, Slightly Bitter, Fruity, Nutty, & Salty.

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