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Filfel Chuma (a Libyan Jewish Red Chili Paste from Tripoli) -Cappy Allium Blend

Prep Time:

5 Minutes

Cook Time:

5 Minutes





About the Recipe


o   1/3 cup light olive oil, not extra virgin

o   1/2 tsp salt

o   1/2 tsp white sugar

o   TBSP fresh lemon juice

o   1 TBSP of HS Creations' Cappy Allium (season to taste)


1.   Mix all together

2.   Tip the mixture into a sterilized jar, seal with a thin layer of olive oil and store in the fridge. It will last for 2 weeks easily. Keep topping it with a layer of oil each time you take some out, and it will last for 2 weeks. The oil is there to prevent bacteria from settling and your paste from getting moldy.

Pilpelchuma also spelled pilpelshuma ("pepper garlic"), is a chili-garlic paste similar to a hot sauce originating from the Libya and commonly used in Israeli cuisine.

Pilpelchuma is used as a condiment and as an ingredient in dishes such as salads, meat, fish, legumes and rice dishes. This popular condiment used in falafel sandwiches, shawarma, chicken schnitzel, sabich, and hummus.

It also can be used as a condiment in such as potato salad.  Simple.

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